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Rambla del Mar
Historic information
The Rambla del Mar is a wooden walkway connecting the Portal de la Pau at the bottom of La Rambla with the Moll d’Espanya, which is home to the Maremagnum leisure and shopping complex, the Imax cinema and the sailing clubs. The Rambla opened in 1994 and is the continuation of the main Rambla across the harbour. The walkway is at the edge of a navigable dock and can be raised to allow boats through. Its highly original design features timber planking and curved forms reminiscent of the style of the “modernista” architect Jujol, and curved pergolas which act as supports for the lighting. The project was designed by Helio Piñón and Albert Viaplana, who also created the Maremagnum building.
In order to know the zone better
This curious walkway connects the busy Rambla with the new leisure area in Barcelona’s old harbour, or Port Vell, known as the Moll d’Espanya. When you are standing on this quayside area you feel as if you are on an observation deck overlooking the sea: due to the breeze, the smell and the motion of the semi-captive waves. The site features three outstanding leisure facilities: the Imax cinema, with its flat screen that is seven storeys high and a 900m2 dome that surrounds the audience; L’Aquarium, with its 80 metre-long glass tunnel where you can watch sharks and other Mediterranean fish swim above your head; and the Maremagnum, a shopping centre with a wide variety of shops and restaurants.
Another important aspect of the quayside are the sailing clubs, such as the Reial Club Nàutic and the Reial Club Marítim, which are firmly rooted in the city due to people’s great love of sailing.
Scene description
L'auberge espagnole
Rambla del Mar: A close-up shot shows Wendy (Kelly Reilly) and her new American friend Bruce (Olivier Raynal) embracing each other on a bench at the end of the bridge on the Rambla del Mar that leads to the Maremagnum. The shot pans across to Xavier (Romain Duris) crossing the bridge. He looks concerned.
Did you know that...
In this scene, Erasmus of Rotterdam appears to Xavier in a vision. Cédric Klapisch shows him as a person of understated elegance with a refined, intellectual air. His appearance in the film is by no means a coincidence as the European exchange programme is named after him.
Erasmus (1466-1536) was a writer, scholar and humanist who is considered the foremost interpreter of the intellectual trends during the Renaissance in Northern Europe. He was a true man of letters and, as a humanist, was ahead of his time, his influence being felt throughout Europe long after his death.
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